Healthy Local Economies Start at Home

Imagine a Central Vermont where local economies thrive with strong local businesses, a healthy job market, and plenty of funding for schools and community services.

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How do we get there?

One of the best ways to give our local economies a boost is to increase access to housing.

Right now, demand for homes across Vermont is at an all-time high, while vacancy rates are at historic lows. For many, this makes housing – both apartment rentals and homes for purchase – financially out of reach, leading to an uptick in rates of homelessness and a decrease in local spending.

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When we invest in affordable housing, local markets benefit from the leveraging of public and private resources to generate income, which in turn increases local tax revenue and supports job creation and retention. As a result, more and more people can improve their economic status, which pumps more money into our local economies, and things continue to improve for everyone.

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Your gift to Downstreet helps us create safe, stable housing in Central Vermont and provide essential programs that benefit all of us.

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