VHIP Application

Applications for the Vermont Housing Improvement Program are now being accepted. To apply, please click the button below.


Program Details:

  • VHIP offers grants up to $30,000.00 per unit for repairs need to bring vacant rental units up to Vermont Rental Housing Health Code guidelines and or $30,000 per property for structural elements affecting multiple units with DHCD approval.
  • Creation of new Units (within an existing structure) is also eligible.
  • Code violations, or self-attestation of property owner pending inspection by Downstreet Inspector.
  • Property Owner is required to contribute at least a 20% cash or in-kind match of the grant per unit Downstreet will require the property owner to pay their funds first  to the contractor (i.e. initial deposit) and provide Downstreet with proof of payment prior to receiving distributions,
  • Landlords must submit receipts for all project cost, Downstreet will reimburse cost based on the following:
    • 25% will be distributed upon commencement of the project
    • 25% will be distributed after the 50% complete inspection
    • 30% will be distrusted upon satisfactory final inspection of the project
    • Final 20% upon successful signing of lease agreements for unit(s)
  • All owners must agree to sign a Housing Subsidy Covenant, which will require compliance with keeping rents at or below HUD Fair Market rent for the appropriate County the property is in- this include utilities or rent reduction base on HUD’s “Utility allowance guideline for the next five years (HUD rates are published annually)
  • Program requires Property Owners to work with the regional and appointed Continuum of Care (COC) for the next five years in an attempt to find suitable renter from the Coordinated Entry Program (families or individuals currently homeless).

Current HUD Fair Market Rents for Washington/Lamoille/ Orange Counties:

Fair Market Rents 2022
Washington County
Orange County
Lamoille County

How will grant applications be evaluated?

  • Shovel Ready status- is it feasible to complete the full scope of the rehab and unit leased up by the deadline? (18 months)
  • Past Experience and readiness to work with the Continuum of Care and Coordinated Entry Rental application process
  • Is the project brining long-term vacant units back on line including imporement of blighted buildings and apartments with substantial code-violations
  • Willing to rent at the HUD Fair Market Rent for five years including having a Housing Subdidy Covenant on the building and providing the LC-142 form to the Agency of Commerce and Community Development annually
  • Property Taxes and Seer/Water bills are current. No Federal or State Tax liens and property not in foreclosure.