Our People


At the core of our organization are the people who put their hearts and souls into their work, day after day. Our staff is mission-driven, fun-loving, and hard-working.



Community Relations

Cara Hansen
Communications Manager
(802) 477-1330
Michelle Kersey
Donor Relations Manager
(802) 476-4493


Schuyler Anderson
Chief Financial Officer
(802) 477-1340
Christy Velau
(802) 477-1337
Kathy Adams
Senior Accountant
(802) 477-1334
Amy Dupuis
Junior Accountant
(802) 477-1351

Property Management

Liz Genge
Director of Property Management
(802) 477-1333
Rachel Bryan Shatney
Associate Director of Compliance and Occupancy
(802) 477-1348
Louisa Olson
Compliance & Occupancy Specialist
(802) 477-1346
Neil Smith
Property Manager
(802) 477-1332
Megan Lovely
Property Manager
(802) 477-1420
Nic Phillips
Property Manager
(802) 477-1329
Lejna Mustafik
Occupancy Coordinator

Support & Services at Home (SASH)

Kenneth Russell
SASH Program Manager
(802) 477-1426
Jennifer LaPan
SASH Coordinator
(802) 477-1419
Julia Burgess
SASH Coordinator
Betsy Race
SASH Program Assistant
(802) 477-1417

Maintenance Team

Bernie Woolums
Facilities Manager
Ryan Carpenter
Lead Maintenance Technician
(802) 476-4493
Jack Leonard
Senior Maintenance Technician
(802) 476-4493
Nate Quinn
Facilities Coordinator
(802) 476-4493
Tim Lovely
Maintenance Technician
(802) 476-4493
Andy Wilson
Maintenance Technician
(802) 476-4493
Chuck Paquet
Maintenance Technician
(802) 476-4493

Homeownership Center

Pattie Dupuis
Director of HomeOwnership
(802) 477-1343
Kira Charissakis
Education Coordinator
(802) 477-1341
Cheryl Moyer
HomeOwnership Services Coordinator
(802) 477-1331
Shanda Williams
Housing Advisor
(802) 476-4493

Real Estate Development

Nicola Anderson
Director of Real Estate Development
(802) 477-1353
Kaziah Haviland
Project Manager
(802) 477-1344

Board of Trustees

Downstreet is guided by a volunteer Board of Trustees responsible for the fiscal health of the organization. Our Board is structured in such a way as to represent the general population (“general” members); professionals holding prominent community positions, such as legislators, lobbyists, and leaders of the faith community (“public” representatives); and beneficiaries of Downstreet’s programs and services (“resident” representatives).

Dan Barlow
Chair and Public Board Member
Lori Belding
Vice Chair and General Board Member
Pegeen Mulhern
Secretary and General Board Member
Daphne Makinson
Treasurer and Resident Board Member
Jeanne Richardson
Resident Board Member
Jim Alvarez
Public Board Member
Kevin Ellis
General Board Member
Lara Lonon
General Board Member
Samantha Abare
General Board Member
Celine Davis
Resident Board Member
Emmanuel Riby-Williams
Resident Board Member
Sarah Copeland-Hanzas
Public Board Member
Vini K. D. Emery
General Board Member