Winooski River Apartments

11 Bailey Avenue, 15 Baldwin Street, and 37 Barre Street, Montpelier, Vermont 05602

Winooski River Apartments consists of three historic buildings (11 Bailey Avenue, 15 Baldwin Street, and 37 Barre Street) located in Montpelier. The project included 15 affordable apartments and commercial retail space. The scope of work included structural reinforcement, weatherization, energy efficiency, and ADA additions.

As a result of the work completed, the 3 properties have been rehabilitated such that they will be affordable to Vermonters in perpetuity, any potential hazards (lead and asbestos) have been mitigated, the useful life of the buildings has been extended by at least 20 years, and the energy efficiency of all three buildings has been significantly improved. 

Budget: $3,661,824
Completed: 2018
Partners: Downstreet was the developer. Arnold & Scangas Architects was the project architect and VMS Construction was the construction manager.