LEED Homes Help People, Planet and Profit!

As part of Downstreet’s commitment to green, sustainable buildings and practices, we seek LEED certification for our development projects. Laurel Street Apartments in Barre has been designated LEED Silver, and we are currently seeking LEED certification for South Main Apartments in Waterbury.


Benefits & Features of a LEED home

  • Indoor Air Quality – The program ensures that your home has dramatically improved indoor air quality.   Almost all outside air introduced into the home will first be filtered, which removes dirt, pollen, dust and other contaminants.  Your home is safer, as the chance for mold growth is greatly reduced.  The program also encourages materials that are low in volatile organic compounds, which can be harmful to your health.
  • Water Efficiency – Homes certified under LEED use less water.
  • Quality Control – A key component of the LEED for Homes program is rigorous third-party verification and documentation.  Each LEED home undergoes multiple on-site inspections and thorough performance testing to ensure the home’s envelope and mechanical systems are properly installed
  • Energy Efficiency – Energy modeling is used extensively to evaluate the effectiveness of potential improvements, and balance them to provide the most value for the dollar.  A detailed energy model is critical to ensuring your HVAC system is properly sized.  The program provides third-party insurance that the home will realize significant energy savings.
  • Waste Management – Promotes construction waste management by requiring contractors to track and report diversion rates.   Homes built under the LEED standard produce less waste during the building process, and a higher percentage of waste is recycled.
  • Training – Operation and Maintenance manuals are verified for completeness, so that nothing is lost in the transition from builder to owner.  Homeowners are trained to understand and operate the systems efficiently.


Healthy People

  • LEED homes are healthy homes – reducing allergens, and triggers for asthma and chemical sensitivity
  • LEED homes use non-toxic materials that lower exposure to mold and mildew

Environmental Benefits of a LEED home:

  • Use less energy reducing pollution from fossil fuel sources
  • Use materials more efficiently
  • Integrate into their local environment

Economic Benefits of a LEED home

  • Durable structures that are built to last, with less maintenance
  • Reduced electricity, fuel, and water bills
  • Lower heating bills