Financial wellness is the key to fulfilling your dreams of home-ownership. That’s why Downstreet’s HomeOwnership Center is about more than just guiding you through the home-buying process. We will customize our services to match your needs, no matter what your situation.

Our new Financial Wellness Program connects you with a specialist who will work with you to set your goals and achieve them. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Initial “Financial Wellness” Consultation

The first step for everyone is to schedule a 15-minute phone consultation with one of our advisors. We will discuss how we work and next steps to scheduling a financial wellness review meeting with us.

Step 2: Financial Wellness Review Meeting

At your one-on-one review meeting, we will discuss your credit history, review your income and determine the best path to achieving your financial wellness goal.

Step 2: Attend the Class That’s Right for You

Your advisor will help you determine whether or not you are financially fit enough to get on the “fast track” to purchasing a home. If so, you will enroll in our Purchase-Ready Class, which covers everything you need to know about the home-buying process. You will walk away with a better understanding of home purchase mortgage closing documents and how to prepare for home-ownership.

If your finances need a little bit of work, that’s no problem! Your advisor will help you sign up for our Smart Start Workshop, which will provide you with pre-purchase preparation, including budget planning and saving and credit repair. After you’ve had some time to put your new skills into action, you’ll meet with your advisor again to check in on your progress, and get signed up for our Purchase-Ready class.

Step 3: Follow-up Meeting and Next Steps

After you’ve completed the Purchase-Ready class you’ll meet with your advisor to receive your HUD-approved Certificate of HomeBuyer Education and discuss next steps in the home buying process.


Great! Use the tool below to schedule your initial consultation with your very own advisor. After you submit your request for an appointment, we will confirm the date and time of your consultation.

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