At its January 10, 2017 meeting, the Board of Trustees of Downstreet voted to propose changes to the Downstreet Bylaws affecting term limits for Trustees and Officers. In the process of drafting these changes, a few typographical errors were found that will be addressed at the same time.

Please follow this link to view the complete proposed amended bylaws. Here is a list of the proposed changes:

Article I, Section 3: change
The principal office of the Corporation shall be located at 107 North Main Street 22 Keith Avenue, Barre, Vermont or at such other place as the Board of Trustees (the “Board”) shall from time to time determine.

Article II, Section 3: addition
Special meetings of the Membership may be called by any three Trustees or by any 20 Members.

Article III, Section 3B: change

No person shall serve as a Trustee for more than three four consecutive terms. A Trustee who has been elected to and completed three four consecutive two-year terms is eligible for re-election two years after the end of the Trustee’s third fourth consecutive two-year term.

Article IV, Section 2: addition
A Trustee may serve as an officer of the Corporation for no more than six consecutive years and may hold any one office for no more than four consecutive years.

Article IV, Section 6: addition

The Board may remove any Officer at any time for any reason by an affirmative vote of the majority of Trustees present and voting at a duly noticed meeting of the Board.

Article VII, Section 1: addition
A decision to dissolve the Corporation must be approved by at least 75% of the Trustees and at least 75% of the Members present and voting at Board and Membership meetings duly convened and specifically called to consider dissolution.