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We currently have the following positions to fill:

  • Junior Accountant
  • Part-time SASH Coordinator

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Job Title:       Junior Accountant

Date:             October 2018

Reports To:   CFO

Location:       Main Office, 22 Keith Avenue, Suite 100 Barre, VT 05641

Hours:           37.5 hours per week

Position Summary:

The Junior Accountant position is a full-time, salaried position supervised by the CFO. The Junior Accountant is responsible for the corporate accounting of Downstreet Housing & Community Development. This is an entry-level position that requires a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting.

Key Responsibilities:

Payroll & Benefits

  • Process bi-weekly payroll and retirement benefit payments, prepare related journal entries.
  • Act as primary point of contact for third party payroll and timecard management administrators.
  • Prepare quarterly 941 reconciliations.
  • Assist CFO in maintaining employee files.
  • Assist CFO in management employment benefits.
  • Assist CFO with other projects as assigned.

Accounts Receivable

  • Process tenant receivables for Downstreet owned properties in Boston Post; scan all checks, prepare deposit tickets and make bank deposits.
  • Initiate and process authorized agreements for pre-arranged payments and ACH payments.
  • Process tenant security deposits, refunds or transfers.

Accounts Payable

  • Process all invoice related to Downstreet administration, limited partnership properties and managed properties.
  • Ensure that all invoices comply with financial processes related to coding and approval.
  • Process replacement reserve transfer for limited partnership properties and managed properties.
  • Monitor cash balances to ensure timely payment of bills.
  • Manage and monitor all questionable invoices, investigate any that seem out of the norm. Discuss with appropriate department head.
  • Manage check runs for AP batches. This also includes the maintenance of all bank account check stock and deposit tickets, and reordering as needed.
  • Obtain signatures on checks and prepare for mailing.
  • Maintain current accounts payable files.
  • Perform accounts payable reconciliations on a monthly basis.
  • Monitor cash balances


Support Functions

  • Generate monthly financial reports for all wholly-owned properties by the 10th of the following month.
  • Complete monthly trial balance reconciliations for all wholly owned properties by the end of the following month. Report any variances to the CFO.
  • Maintain property financial binders for all wholly owned properties.
  • Prepare quarterly reports as assigned by the CFO.
  • Prepare vendor 1099 tax forms for vendors related to Downstreet administration, limited partnership properties and managed properties.
  • Provide assistance in annual audit preparations, including researching, compiling and verifying all needed documents per auditor’s request.
  • Complete special projects assigned to you by the CFO, ED or any member of the organization’s Executive Team.

Provide support to CFO and other members of the accounting department as needed.

Contact: Please send resume and cover letter explaining why you want to work to further Downstreet’s mission to the address below or using the form below. We will contact you if you are selected for interview. APPLICATIONS WITHOUT A COVER LETTER WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

Attn: Human Resources
22 Keith Ave., Ste. 100
Barre, VT 05641

  • Drop files here or
    Please upload your cover letter and resume. Applications without a cover letter WILL NOT be considered.

Job Title:       Part-time SASH Coordinator

Date:             January 2018

Reports To:   Lead SASH Coordinator

Location:       Main Office, 22 Keith Avenue, Suite 100 Barre, VT 05641

Hours:           20 hours per week

Position Summary:

Downstreet Housing & Community Development in Barre is seeking a half-time SASH Coordinator. Great pay rate and comprehensive benefits package combined with a friendly work environment and mission-driven work makes this an amazing opportunity.

Job Description:

Job Statement: The primary function of the Support And Services at Home (SASH) Coordinator is to build trusting relationships with participants in SASH in order to develop a thorough knowledge of each SASH participant’s strengths and challenges as they pertain to remaining safely in his or her home. The SASH Coordinator convenes the on-site SASH team on a regular basis to coordinate care and services to meet the needs of SASH participants.

Reports to the Lead SASH Coordinator and works within a strong and dynamic team environment.

Job Responsibilities will include but not be exclusive to the following:

  • Organizes informational meetings and materials for promoting and explaining the SASH model to residents and their family members/supports.
  • Enrolls new SASH participants ensuring SASH enrollment documents are thoroughly explained and signed.
  • Responsible for following all policies and protocols established for SASH as found in the SASH Operations Manual.
  • Develops and maintains a regular calendar of activities and events for participants.
  • Helps participants build support networks with other participants, friends, volunteers and family members.
  • Adheres to confidentiality guidelines and appropriately documents information releases.
  • Recruits and trains volunteers in collaboration with the Volunteer Coordinator and supervises volunteers in the provision of activities and programs in the CHLP.
  • Escorts participants on field trips and outings.
  • Establishes and maintains good working relationships, on-going liaison with, and an in depth knowledge of the services available from community organizations including but not limited to the Agency on Aging, VNA/home health and hospice, PACE, local hospitals, nursing homes, senior centers, volunteer groups, etc.
  • Participates in community outreach and marketing activities regarding SASH.
  • Works independently and as part of the SASH team(s) and the housing staff to carry out job duties.
  • Communicates in a positive and respectful manner with participants, community members, co-workers, volunteers, visitors and family members.

Other duties as assigned.

Principle Responsibilities by Intervention Category:

  1. Transitional Care Interventions: The SASH Coordinator performs the following duties related to transitional care interventions through the SASH system:
  • Educates and informs SASH participants and family/support persons of the SASH Admitting and Discharge Planning Protocols;
  • Follows all designated SASH Coordinator duties outlined in the Admitting and Discharge Planning Protocols including :
    • coordinates and communicates with Discharge staff at off-site facility,
    • communicates with family members/caregivers, and makes visits to participant in hospital or rehab facility as appropriate,
    • updates SASH team on participant’s transition status and confirm services to be available upon discharge,
    • makes in-person visit to participant within 24-48 hours of return home to identify needs and review discharge instructions,
    • coordinates and plans for any needed and unmet services with SASH team;
    • Updates participant’s SASH health record and Healthy Living Plan (HLP).


  1. Self-Management Education Interventions: The SASH Coordinator performs the following duties related to the self-education management interventions provided through the SASH system:
  • Develops the Community Healthy Living Plan (CHLP) in collaboration with the

SASH team and revises the CHLP Action Plan every 6 months based on on-going assessment of the needs and opportunities of the participant community;

  • Identifies how best to offer CHLP services/programs for SASH participants (bring existing community-based programs on-site, assist participants to participate in off-site programs, design new programs);
  • Provides encouragement and “coaching” to help participants be focused and motivated on proper self-management of their chronic conditions;
  • As requested or agreed to by participants, provides reminders and/or daily check ins to promote self-management skills;
  • Organizes and coordinates on-site educational presentations on health and well-being topics based on the collective needs of the SASH participant population as outlined in the CHLP;
  • Coordinates and oversees volunteers (in collaboration with the Volunteer Coordinator) to support participants in meeting their HLP goals

      3. Coordinated Care Interventions:  The SASH Coordinator performs the following duties related to the coordinated care interventions provided through the SASH system:

  • Arranges and schedules assessments of SASH participants to determine health and functional needs;
  • Conducts person-centered interviews with all SASH participants to understand their interests, needs, ideas, concerns and opinions;
  • Coordinates the development of Individual Healthy Living Plans (HLPs) in collaboration with the SASH team;
  • Meets with SASH participants to discuss, gather input and finalize HLPs;
  • Coordinates and assists SASH participants with individual support needs and goals as identified in the HLP;
  • Acts as key contact person on site for information sharing regarding SASH participants among the SASH team, including Wellness Nurse, as well as discharge planning staff from hospitals and rehab facilities, family members and volunteers;
  • Convenes SASH team meetings- sets agenda, leads meetings and keeps (or delegates) summary notes following a structured team meeting format;
  • Contributes information in the progress notes section of the SASH participant’s Health and Wellness Record;
  • Communicates regularly and deliberately with SASH participants one on one and in groups to ensure consistent follow up and information sharing between SASH Coordinator, Wellness Nurse, other SASH team members and SASH participant;
  • In communities where a Personal Care Attendant (PCA) is contracted for on-site services, the SASH Coordinator provides introductions to SASH participants and functional supervision to PCA in collaboration with Wellness Nurse and contracting agency; files PCA reports in the nurse’s office.

SASH Standards of Conduct

  • Demonstrates a commitment to the mission and values of the SASH model and employing agency.
  • Demonstrates respectful and effective communication with co-workers, participants, families and vendors.
  • Protects the privacy and confidentiality of information related to participants, families, staff and general housing operations following HIPAA requirements.
  • Communicates a positive image about SASH to the community.
  • Adheres to all safety practices, rules and standards throughout the work day.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to quality and proactively seeks to make improvements to systems and processes.
  • Maintains a professional appearance that is appropriate for his/her position.
  • Reports to work on time, provides advance notice for time off, completes timesheets accurately and appropriately manages CTO time.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to integrity in work habits and use of SASH and employing agency resources.

SASH’s mission and operations require that an employee is prepared to perform duties as assigned that may be outside his/her principle responsibilities.

Minimum Qualifications:

Must possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work or equivalent combination of background and experience.  Previous experience coordinating services specifically for the senior or adult with disability client population is preferred.  Knowledge of area resources and programs available to seniors and adults with disabilities, including transportation, health services, recreational and wellness activities is strongly preferred.  Demonstrated excellence in verbal and written communication is required. Must have knowledge of and an appreciation for the heritage, values, and wisdom of each participant and a commitment to the philosophy of a person’s choice to age at home.  Must possess a valid driver’s license.  A working knowledge of MSWord, Access data base and Publisher is highly desirable.

Working Condition and Physical Demands:

  • Must be able to lift/push up to 25 pounds.
  • Must be accepting of health conditions and behavior of participants.
  • Must be adaptable to working in an ever changing, high pressure work environment.
  • Must be in good general health and demonstrate emotional stability. Must be able to lead participant field trips.

Contact: Please send resume and cover letter explaining why you want to work to further Downstreet’s mission to:

Attn: Human Resources
22 Keith Ave., Ste. 100
Barre, VT 05641

or apply using the form below.

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